The Employee Education and communications needs of your organization are as unique as your workforce. You may have 300 employees in Tennessee, or 30,000 across the country.
Your organization may be looking for anything from one-on-one financial advice, to age targeted webinars, or plan utilization analysis. We pride ourselves on building custom solutions for our clients.
For a glimpse of some of our services please explore below.

It is not enough to have best in class funds in your 401(k); your employees need to know how and when to use them. They deserve to get advice from someone who is unbiased, NOT someone interested in their rollover, insurance, or wealth management business, or from someone who works directly for a mutual fund company.

North Pier commits to in-person, one-on-one advice for your employees, webinars, speaking engagements, and anything in between. Every organization is different and we will work with you to find the best fit.

North Pier stands as a fiduciary advisor in accordance with DOL 408(b)2 (as originally written 2008) - a stance unavailable to firms with conflicts of interest.

One of the most critical steps in the delivery and acceptance of an employee education and enrollment campaign is the detailed evaluation of the plan sponsor's demographic and participation utilization statistics. Armed with this information, North Pier collaborates with the sponsor to design the optimal employee education strategy. Ultimately, an employee education and enrollment program is only successful if the information presented is meaningful, understandable and actionable.
All too often, those employees who do not seek guidance do not benefit from educational efforts. We can place focus on these hidden employees who underutilize, misuse, or do not benefit from the plan. Particular segments of the demographic that require special attention such as geographic locations, age groups, low deferral percentages, and inadequate diversification are amongst those targeted. Each year, the effectiveness of these campaigns is measured to ensure success and document progress.

North Pier has many solutions to help clients measure the effectiveness of education campaigns. One meaningful tool is a Participant Demographic Analysis report. This report helps committees identify red flags such as lack of diversification, over-allocations of cash or employee stock, misuses/underutilization of target date funds, overall participation statistics, and geographic anomalies. Armed with meaningful analysis, employee education campaigns can be more effective.

It's not just about payroll stuffers and posters in the coffee room: the message needs to be tuned to the ear of the recipient and delivered in an approach that gets measurable results. North Pier can work with your existing providers to leverage the most value out of your current engagements or create customized solutions as sophisticated as modern technology will allow.

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