Welcome to
North Pier

North Pier is a specialty consulting firm built to solve the problems that fiduciaries are currently facing, and identify others to be prioritized.

Frequently, clients approach us with specific projects in mind. Others are unsure of their needs and seek our forensic approach to uncover opportunities and deficiencies. Whatever your needs, North Pier has no incentive to replace your current relationships, resulting in outcomes that are solely aligned with your interests.

We’re not hired because of our services; we're hired because of our expertise. Each of North Pier’s consultants brings at least 19 years of direct ERISA’s experience, having served at the highest levels of the industry. North Pier’s most noteworthy validation is the fact that we are engaged by multiple industry regulators as well as successfully serving as expert witnesses in some of ERISA’s biggest landmark cases.

Our engagements are broad and diverse. There’s no better way to discover what we can do for you than to start a conversation.