North Pier Fiduciary Management, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to offering asset management and a full suite of advocacy services for fiduciaries. North Pier is the product of the 2008 lift out of the entire management, consulting, and research staff of the Corporate Services Group of Oppenheimer, Inc. The team has been providing investment consulting and fiduciary services since its 2001 organizational inception. North Pier is led by Jim Scheinberg and Brant Griffin, who collectively possess over 37 years of plan consulting experience. North Pier works closely with its select clientele to thoroughly comprehend their needs, and construct and execute customized solutions. We are an independent, fee-only, vendor neutral advisor devoid of the status quo conflicts of interest that still permeate the advisory industry. North Pier and its partners have always assumed the role as our clients’ advocates since our organizational inception in 2001.

North Pier